Membership Application

Business Memberships: Membership dues for the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce are assessed on the basis of the number of full-time employees on the member/business payroll with the exception of individual supporting members and non-profit organizations. For the purpose of assessment, two part-time employees equal one full-time employee. “Independent” and “sub-contractors” working under the auspices of a particular member-business (i.e. independent contractors such as real estate agents or “outside” sales personnel) are not considered members of the chamber unless a separate membership is maintained by them apart from the member/business.

Individual Supporting Members and Non-Profit Organizations: Individual citizens may join the chamber for $95.00 per year. Non-profit organizations, churches, and associations may join for $120.00 per year, and will be listed by organization name in the chamber directory and on the website. Individual members will be listed by name in the directory with no professional title, business or organization designation, and the home address will be used.

Please click here and fill in the form to apply.


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"The mission of the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce is to create a positive environment for the development and success of business."