35,575 population (2010 Census) South-Western City Schools
31.39% growth over 2000 Two Head Start Centers one special needs school
26,534 population over 18 years of age five elementary, three intermediate, three middle
38.3% median age* and two high schools
74.6% over population over 18 years of age* Buckeye Ranch, SWCS Partnership
12.6% over 65 years of age* OLPH Catholic School, K-8
Beautiful Savior Lutheran School, K-8
HOUSEHOLDS: Grove City Christian School, K-12
14,720 Households South-Western Career Academy, 11-12
Average size of 2.4 people Mount Vernon Nazarene University
73.5% households are families* Columbus State Community College
  Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Median income Ohio Christian University
Per household of $70,913* Otterbein University
Per capita income $31,505* South-Western City Schools Adult
Basic Learning Education Program
Municipal income tax rate of 2% UTILITIES:
Sales and use tax rate of 6.75% American Electric and Power (AEP)
Real Property Tax Rate Columbia Gas
Residential = $71.97/$1000 City of Columbus water and sewer
Commercial = $86.22/$1000
10 minutes from Bolton Field SouthPark
20 minutes from Port Columbus International  Airport Gateway
13 minutes from Rickenbacker  International Airport SR 665 Commerce Area
Rickenbacker Inland Port served by: 270 Commerce Center
Norfolk Southern  and CSX
*2000 Census information
Serviced by five major roadways:
I-270, I-71, US 62, SR 665, US 104
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Community Reinvestment Areas (CRA)
Community Enterprise Zone
Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #138
Grove City Town Center Loan Program
Grove City Town Center Commercial
Revitalization Grant Program

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"The mission of the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce is to create a positive environment for the development and success of business."